A storm is brewing

Whilst dodging the showers why not pop into your local Carpet Showroom , the holiday season is traditionally a slow trade period for the carpet industry so to drum up more business the manufacturers offer various promotions, why not take advantage of this and purchase a carpet or some flooring before these promotions end in the Autumn. I am glad to say that we are very busy at the moment and I would like to thank all of my customers for bringing their business to my door.

Returning to an existing customer

I visited a Customer this morning to measure a rental property that they are renovating at the moment, I supplied and installed a nice wool twist pile for them two years ago for their home in Great Glen a very large new build, in the entrance of the house there is a large concrete spiral staircase which had to be covered in carpet, two very highly thought of companies had told them this wasn’t possible, here are the results, it still looks brand new this customer has given my details to a lot of her friends which I really appreciate.

A great day on the road

Installed two bathrooms in desborough, i had to feather finish the floor to smooth out any imperfections then installed a avenue cushion floor the customer was very happy with the finished product.

Then i moved to lubenham to install a Lounge in Fairfield supreme this was a full works job which includes removing the furniture and old floor coverings, installing the new floor covering then vacuuming and replacing the furniture, looked great and the customer was chuffed too bits.

Another busy day with more happy customers

Started off the day at Divine Audio in desborough with Tim, Alison and Chris, i installed some carpet tiles for them two years ago but they had decided to move a counter so i had to inset some tiles i had left them as spares, looked as good as new by the time we had finished. I then fitted a dining room in a nice quality two ply twist pile in market harborough also i measured three more jobs in between, phew time to get my shorts on crack open a can of cider and spend some quality time with my girls.

The sun is back

Carpet and nosings viewed from the bottom
Carpet and nosings viewed from the bottom
Carpet and nosings viewed from the top
Carpet and nosings viewed from the top

First day back for Matt after his holidays, he travelled down to Bristol and fitted 175m2 of Paragon carpet tiles that i had delivered direct to site for him so his job in gainsborough for saturday ┬áhas now been brought forward to Wednesday, he really does shift that guy. I’ve been sorting out an entrance and stairs in cord carpet and alloy safety nosings its turned a very tired dated area into a welcoming contemporary space.

Where has the sun gone

Why not take the chance while the sun has took his hat off to pop into your local carpet showroom and purchase that new floor covering that you have been promising yourself. Ill be here till 4 the beers are in the fridge, the wine is decanted and I’ve got lots of new exiting products to show you.

Rental property in Sutton Bassett

Fitted a Full house in Hercules Cord today on Cosy 8mm underlay, carpet looks great and will last for a number of years this is great carpet for landlords as it is totally stain free, the customer was very pleased with the overall appearance for such a low expense.