The Christmas rush has started

Its only the start of November but the Christmas rush has started, we are already beginning to struggle for installation dates although we have just added to the team a very talented young carpet fitter so we now have dates available, we have had another record week it started over at the Y.M.C.A in Aylestone with the next phase of their installation we will be finishing their project next week in time for their grand opening day.

We have also completed a big installation in Haselbech this week.

We are just negotiating terms with three new manufacturers so i will forward all the information about these new exiting products asap. Goodbye for now

Here, There and Everywhere

Hello everybody, we haven’t disappeared off the planet we have been snowed under with work, I am posting a few photos off of various jobs that we have been installing over the past week or so, sorry its not more detailed but we will chat again when theres more time, just going too batten down the hatches ready for the big storm, i hope you all remain safe

Winters coming

If you believe all the papers we are in for a harsh winter so its time to pop into your local Carpet Showroom to purchase that warm and comfortable Carpet you’ve been promising yourself while we can still get the van to your home to install it, unfortunately they don’t make jet skis big enough to carry Carpets, sorry thats enough nonsense for one day.


First I installed some Fells Snowdon Carpet onto a Hall, Stairs and Landing in Little Bowden then I moved onto Great Bowden to install Some Penthouse Shoreline Carpet into a Lounge.


I installed some Fells Snowdon Carpet throughout a whole Flat, this product is good value and looks great on the floor.


I started the day at Kibworth Beauchamp Installing Some Bedford cord Carpet into a Conservatory before moving onto Lubenham to fit some Cushion floor into two bathrooms after repairing the subfloors then I measured three jobs.


Craig and myself Installed some Clarendon Twist into a large lounge in Desborough before driving over to Leicester to view the Y.M.C.A  Bar area which we will be installing in a couple of weeks. I then measured another three jobs on the way back.


I went to Tur Langton to install a Cushionfloor into a Bathroom while Craig went to Little Bowden to Stick the gripper rods and door plates at Bungalow, we then met on the Southern Estate in Harborough to install some Fells Serendipity Carpet onto a open plan wrap around stairs and Bedroom, then we went back to the bungalow in Little Bowden to install Some Fells Saxon King Carpet into a Lounge, Diner and Hallway, that was a big day to end the week.


I didn’t  have time to sit down all day it was a fantastic day in the shop, lots of measures booked and samples lent out


today has been a bit slow but the weather probably hasn’t helped but at least I’ve had time to catch up with some paperwork.

see you all next week


No signs of it slowing down

Another extremely busy week


Craig and myself started the week in Foxton in a pretty cottage we installed some Fells Montrose onto a Hall, Stairs, Landing, Bedroom and Dressing Room this is a really good value carpet it looks fantastic on the floor.


Craig installed some more Fells Montrose into a Lounge, Study, Hall, Landing and open plan Stairs in a Dorma Bungalow in Market Hartborough while i covered the showroom, another very happy customer.


I was back at Dingley Hall first installing some Marrakesh twist into a En Suite this Carpet is made of 100 % Polypropylene but feels like Wool. Then i moved on to Lubenham to install some Penthouse Vermont.


Matt and myself went over to East Midlands airport  to install Carpet into some more Bedrooms at a Hotel.


I attended my Great uncles funeral it was a nice send off for a truly nice man R.I.P Gordie

Ill catch up with you next week.

Autumn has started with a rush

Sorry i haven’t posted anything for a few days but i have been raced off my feet, On Wednesday Craig and myself were at a job in Wilbarston for most of the day, the customer liked my Showroom flooring so much she has had the same Carpet Tiles and  Matting installed in her Kitchen, Entrance, Utility and W.C, it looks fab.

Thursday started at a job in Market Harborough, I uplifted some old D.I.Y Self Adhesive Tiles in a En Suite, Chris from A&C Carpentry fixed a squeeky floorboard for the lady then I installed some Flotex, the En Suite was above a open porch on the front of the house and the Builder hadn’t insulated the void between the Porch ceiling and the En Suite floor making this area very cold in the Winter so while Chris was there he resolved this problem by filling the void with insulation resulting in one very happy customer. Then i installed a Wood effect Cushion Floor into a Bedroom at a house in Little Bowden which again looked great.

On Friday I installed some Hugh Mackay Castle Twist in a Bedroom and Hall, Stairs and Landing in Whetstone, I never seem to spend any time in the Showroom in the week now, Matt also informed me that we have now won the contract for the Entrance, Restaurant, Bar and Reception in a multinational Hotel chain that we have been installing the Bedroom Carpets for.

Saturday was manic in the Showroom, there was a constant flow of customers all day long,   my Little Bowden customer from Thursday came in to book a Penthouse Carpet for their Three Storey Stairs and Landing and some Moduleo Tiles for their Lounge and Hallway, its nice that we are getting a lot of repeat business now.

Sunday, so here we are at the end of another week its 1.30 and this is the first time i have had a chance to post anything since Monday, next week is even more hectic, also i am attending my Great,Great Uncles funeral on Friday  he was a Great Great Man so its only right that we give him a Great send off. So if i don’t get the chance to catch up with you till next weekend, have a nice week.


Another very busy day

Craig and I started the day Installing a Fells Saxony Carpet onto a Three Level Hall, Stairs and Landing in Slawston then we install 160 m2 of Gel Backed Commercial Carpet into a local Business. Matt and Dave install Moduleo Atlas Slate into a Kitchen on Kettering, all jobs looked great and all customers were very happy, photos to follow.


New Dance Floor

Harborough Academy of Performing Arts has a new floor in their Ground Floor Studio, Matt, Dave and Myself started the job yesterday installing 6mm Ply throughout and Feather finishing the joints then today we installed the Vinyl and Welded the joints using the new robot welder, what a great bit of kit, then we screeded a Kitchen Floor ready to install some Moduleo Flooring tomorrow.


Root Canal

Wednesday started with a trip to the dentist who informed me that i need Root Canal work on one of my Teeth, Great ill look forward too that, then I travelled to Kettering to Plyboard and install a Cushion floor into a Bathroom. In the afternoon Craig and I installed a Causeway Carpet into a large Through Lounge, it looked great.

Thursday was a busy day in the Showroom catching up with paperwork and banking plus a good steady flow of customers.

On Friday I Installed a nice Wool Twist pile into a large Lounge, the finished product looked fantastic, I was following two companies into this property that i work very closely with, Harborough Stone had installed the Fireplace and Log Burner and Sam Begley had Decorated the room, by using three local companies this customer had achieved a superior look to their Lounge. If you are looking to refurbish your property check these guys out.

Eco house

Craig and myself installed some MrTomkinson Classic Berber 100% Wool Carpet on recycled underlay into the Eco house in Market Harborough today, the project has been run by Sustainable Harborough, the finished job looks fantastic, it was also great to meet one of my old school pals who was doing some ground works at the project, I hadn’t seen him in fifteen years, what a great day, if finished off today installing Avenue Cushionfloor into two en suites in Foxton.