Lubenham village hall toilets

The village hall toilets were recently refurbished in the village where I live, I took this project on as a non profit installation we only covered our costs, I don’t see the point in working hard to raise money for these projects at our annual scarecrow weekend only to make profit on the job when you supply it, the finished job looked fantastic and will serve them we’ll for many years, by the way if you are near Lubenham on the first weekend in September pay a visit to our scarecrow festival you won’t regret it, I’ll be helping flip the burgers at the big BBQ on the green, see you there.




Summers back

I started at Lubenham Hill this morning installing some Whitestone Weavers City Twist Carpet into a Sitting Room, then I moved on to Fleetwood Gardens to Install some Fells High Society into a Bedroom, both carpets looked fantastic and both customers were very happy, looks like summer is here to stay I hope it lasts till the weekend for the Lubenham Scarecrow Festival.